Skilled Nursing

Our Registered and licensed nurses develop a plan of care based on an initial clinical assessment in collaboration with you and your physician. Our nurses provide direct patient care and education on managing your illness in your home to regain your independence.
Our Services include but are not limited to:

  • Assessments and interventions for acute and chronic diagnostics.
  • Wound Care/ Wound Vacs
  • Post Surgical Care
  • Cardiac and post-op care
  • Urinary catheter insertion, changes, and irrigation
  • IV Therapy & infusion
  • Ostomy and Tracheostomy Care
  • External feedings
  • Medication instructions and management
  • Anti-Coagulation therapy
  • Pain and symptoms management
  • Care co-ordination
  • Chronic Disease management such as HTN, CHF, COPD and Diabetes Care
  • Injections and blood draws

Our Registered physical therapists provide Rehabilitative care aimed to remedy the disabilities and impairments through exercises and other modalities services include:

  • Initial and Ongoing Evaluations Related To – Motor Dysfunctions, Muscle Strength,
  • Endurance, Mobility, Walking Ability, Range Of Motion, and Joint Disorders
  • Building Strength and Improve Mobility and Home Safety
  • Reduce Muscle Tremors, Spasticity, and Joint Stiffness
  • Use of Medical Equipment Such As Walker, Canes, Patient Lifts, Wheelchairs, and Prosthetics
  • Training For Safe Transfer, Ambulation, and Activities of Living
  • Proper Body Mechanics to Reduce Injury and Pain

Our Registered occupational therapists provide rehabilitative Care aimed at using treatments to develop, recover or maintain the daily living and work skills of people with physical, mental or developmental condition services include:

  • Initial and Ongoing Evaluations Related To – Self-Care Abilities, Upper Body
  • Strength, Mobility, Daily Living Skills, Adaptive Equipment Needs and Use of
  • Coordination, Balance, and Perceptual-Motor Abilities
  • Energy Conservation Exercises
  • Self-Care Ability Improvement
  • Grooming and Bathing Skills Improvement
  • Splinting and Muscle Re-Education and Deformity Correction and Minimization

Our Licensed Speech Therapists and Pathologists provide rehabilitative care aimed at the evaluation and treatment of communicative and swallowing disorders services include:

  • Initial and ongoing assessments, interventions, hearing impairment, neurological disorders, stuttering, swallowing difficulties and comprehension ability impairments.
  • Communication techniques.
  • Swallowing techniques.

Home Health Aide provides Activities of daily living (ADL) assistance services which include:

  • Personal care.
  • Hygiene management.
  • Assistance with bathing and grooming.
  • Light-housekeeping services.
  • Assist with self-administered medications
  • Communicate with an assigned registered nurse regarding the condition of the patient
  • Complete appropriate records; adhere to professional standards.

Medical social workers provide specialized care coordination to optimize community resources and counseling for patients and families for emotional support services include:

  • Help and Support to Patient, Family and Caregivers in Social and Emotional Problems
  • Support and Assistance in Legal and Financial Concerns (Durable Power Of
  • Attorney, DNR, and Living Will)
  • Identify and Provide Community Resources
  • Use of Short and Long Term Counseling with Crisis Intervention
  • Short and Long Term Health Care Planning Including Benefit and Insurance